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Worldway, Top 500 Asia Brand and the Leading Service Provider In Immigration Industry

Worldway with 18 years of dedication in immigration by investment field

Worldway Group, a Top 500 Asia Brand, was registered in Hong Kong in 1998. Worldway dedicated past 18 years to providing quality immigration consulting service to clients who is interested in following programs: EB5 program in United States, immigration by investing in real estate property program in Portugal, Cyprus, Greece and Spain, Cyprus citizenship by investment program, citizenship program in British Commonwealth countries including Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua-Barbuda, and Vanuatu, residence by investment Program in Hong Kong and Macau and immigration programs in Canada, Australia and Singapore.

Worldway is licensed by Exit-Entry Department of Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau with seven branch offices in China under the sole management of Worldway Group including Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Qingdao. Worldway is the only agent in China that set up customer service centers in Europe, providing additional service of real estate management.

Worldway, a Top 500 Asia Brand and Multiple Awards and Honors Winner

Worldway Group has won following awards and honors including but not limited to the President of Hong Kong Investor and Immigrants Association, the Executive Council of Macau Chamber of Commerce Real Estate, the Honorary President of Shenzhen Business Investors’ Association, the Trustworthy Global Immigration Brand, the Most Credible Service Provider, the Most Authoritative Immigration Brand, Top 500 Asia Brand, the Outstanding Business with Innovation, the Recommended Brand at the VI Education Summit, and multiple awards presented by Sina, Netease, Sohu and Xinhua.

Worldway with Great Support from Officials and Authorities

Worldway is pursuing a goal of creating a greater business and making the world smaller. As such, foreign officials and authoritative professionals offered tremendous support for Worldway’s business. Three congresspersons, four senators and 1/10 governors and directors from United States have met the president of Worldway. The president of European Commission, the President of Portugal, the President of Cyprus, the President of Guinea-Bissau, the Prime Minister of Saint Kitt and Nevis, and Prime Minister of Barbuda and Antigua had meetings with the president of Worldway. Authoritative professionals such as the director of United States Immigration Service, three directors of American Immigration Lawyers Association EB5 Committees, and well-regarded economists have visited Worldway

Worldway---the Leading Service Provider in Immigration by Investment industry

Worldway has been the pioneer in immigration by investment field and has taken multiple initiatives that led the immigration market. Worldway was the first agent that proposed the concept of “project selection” and introduced RIMS II model to China. Worldway is the only agent that was repeatedly awarded as the Best Global Immigration Agent in United States. Worldway has built up business relationships with over 200 regional centers and has acted as the sole agent or the leading agent for over 10 regional centers. In June 2015, Worldway launched the first ever Immigration Heritage Month in China which created a new chapter of era when China and United States joint the efforts to celebrate Immigration Heritage Month together. Worldway is a leader that initiated the promotion in China for immigration by investing real estate properties in Cyprus, Portugal, Greece, and Spain. Worldway succeeded in hosting the Year of Immigrating to Europe in 2013.

In past 18 years, Worldway Group has been pursuing the best quality of service and credible management of business. Worldway team handpicks the best projects for investors, provides professional customer services and successfully helps investors immigrate globally.

If you choose Worldway, Worldway will help you take a ride to the success in anywhere in the world.

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